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Wedding photographer

    So, who is the wedding photographer? It seems to me that this is a friend who not only does his job, but also becomes own person at this celebration. He should be moderately impudent, but at the same time rather delicate. To be able not only to find some interesting perspectives and catch the moments, but also communicate with people to everyone feels like a long time good friends. This allows to ignore the actions of the photographer and make really interesting and emotional pictures.

    I will not write such trivial things here as it is great that the heavens have connected these two young hearts or that I'm directly inspired by each pair. Why this hypocrisy? In the end, it is just a job, just like any other. But with only one difference. I like to make weddings. Weddings are always fun, interesting and dynamic, even if it is a wedding of older people. But this action already attracts me. I like that I'm his participant, although not as a guest.

    Most weddings follow the same scenario. On the one hand, for a photographer, this may seem boring and monotonous. But on the other, this allows him, on the basis of experience, to foresee the subsequent events and to occupy the most favorable position in advance, thereby obtaining the most effective photo shoot. Also this monotony allows each time to invent something new to somehow diversify the shooting. Therefore, in any case, each pair will have their own photos. And maybe one of them will even take the prize in the contest, who knows ?!

    Apart from this, wedding for a photographer, as for professional, is also a great responsibility. Responsibility for the fact that the second time these moments will not be, as well as the ability to re-shoot them. In my work, I certainly use the most reliable and top-end equipment, but, as they say, anything can happen. Therefore, taking this responsibility, I always have a spare option. If the lens breaks, there is always a spare. If the camera breaks, I immediately get another one and in a minute I will continue shooting. If something happens with a memory card, then the shooting is always parallel at two cards at one time. Although even for the whole practice, even with only one memory card, there were no problems. Therefore, at least from a technical point of view, the photos will be absolutely, unless of course a sudden tornado :)

    In wedding photography I do not have a single style. For each pair, individual approach and result. But considering, after all, that the wedding is a series of events, then, of course, first of all, it is shooting of a reportage character. And production part depends on the logistics of the wedding itself. After all, the time for marriage can be late. Or moving from one place to another take several hours. Therefore, all organizational issues are discussed in advance. Where I, based on my experience and your wishes, can correct your actions to get the best result that is expected.

    Proceeding from the above, I propose to look at my photos. And if my approach is close to you, then you can contacted me in any convenient way.