About | Photogrpaher Andrey Kocheshkov

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   Hello! My name is Andrey Kocheshkov and I'm a photographer. This is certainly not only one of my hobby, but most importantly.

    I was born in 1982, graduated from the school, then the institute, and began to work on television. Later received a second higher education in the specialty "Advertising".

    I got carried away with photography when I was 20 years old, and since then it has become for me a way of seeing the world. During this time, I managed to work with such well-known brands as Sheremetyevo Airport, OMAX, Porshe, AD and ELLE Decor, Dedolight, Nikon, Tesarte, SvyazStroyDetal, Redmond, Arvest, etc. And also with a large number of lesser known companies and magazines, which are not listed. In addition, I certainly cooperate with individuals. But the main thing is that absolutely to all, regardless of status and position in society, I have an equally qualitative and responsible approach.

    I work in different genres. But not for money, as many might think. Because I like photography. And if I had another earnings, then I would take pictures simply for fun. And working in absolutely different genres I can say that I do not take shooting on everything, if I do not like it or not suitable for some personal reasons. So be ready to hear no (even for your money).

    My photos can not be described only by one word. I always start from a task or a specific person. Therefore, only after have a communicate and clearly understanding what you want, only then I will take up work. So do not be offended when I'm meticulously asking about what you want to get at the finish. After all, as a rule, the client does not even understand half of what he really wants, that's why i has to pull out this information in step by step.

    Working with people, I always try to convey emotions and character, and not the outer shell. Working with objects I emphasize their main feature and hide the secondary features. Shooting the interiors convey the atmosphere of the room, and not a set of elements in the room. Therefore, I do not have stamps or templates. Everywhere approach is individual. Of course, taking pictures for you, I primarily start from your wishes. But I shoot as I see fit. Based on my experience, skills and visions. And you came to me for this, did not you? But I'm not a machine, but a man like you. And glitches can be at all. Maybe a bad mood or something unpleasant happened in life. Anything that can affect the final result. But the result will always be at the maximum of my capabilities. Because I always do it like for myself, not just only to do.

    Among other things, I want to note that for such a fairly long period of photographic activity I learned a lot. I can work with both constant and impulse light. Work with mixed light. And for this it is necessary not only a confident understanding of the principles of the operation of completely different types of light sources, but also the physics of correcting filters. Also, when advertising shooting subjects, I have a huge experience with completely different surfaces and textures, from absolutely matte, to glossy, shiny and transparent.

    As a result, I invite you to browse the pages of my site, see the works posted here and if my approach and style of shooting suits, then I offer you my cooperation.


Yours faithfully Andrey Kocheshkov.